Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sharp wire brushes leave your caviar looking clean

Sharp wire brushes leave your caviar looking clean

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ceprotan Ceremony

It is located in Sekar village, Donorojo subdistrict about 40 km from Pacitan which takes 30 minutes. The custom and tradition in Sekar village are always inherritancely held every year in longkang month (the 11th month of Saka year) on Friday or Monday for remaining Dewi Sekartaji desert. The people of Sekar hold the purification by throwing young coconuts. First is the drama dance of Ki Godek and Dewi Sekartaji, then continued by "ceprotan" (throwing young coconuts) held by teenagers which consist of two groups that are throwing to each other. At that time, there is a fantastic sight of coconut water spurting up to the air.

Sidomulyo Beach

This beach is located in Sidomulyo village, Ngadirajo district, which about 50 km from the Regency Capital City and it reachable with all vehicle. Its white sand beach is faces to the south coast which 2 Km length.

The visitors can make many kinds of activities here, such as swimming, sun bathing, fishing, etc with enjoying the large of the sea.

Friday, May 15, 2009


A left hand beach break breaking over sand.

it's a nice place to start learn how to surf. it has a baywatch tower that will protect us from the unwanted. the beach quite clean and the sand is very soft, more than you can imagin. the sand also lays long from the water. with 3 different beach, you can choose the type of waves you want. start from the quite to the intermediate one. it is a wonderfull place for an adventure with lowest budget ever!!

Watu Karung Beach

The beach near Watu Karung, about 20 km west of Pacitan. Note the huge waves which makes swimming impossible. They are often more than 3 meters high. The beach in the Bay of Pacitan. Here you can swim safely. I like body-surfing on the incoming waves. Fishermen can do some fishing in bays and between islands, remnants of the eroded limestone coastline.

This photo gives a nice overview of the coast near Watu Karung. Very typical is the Pandanus vegetation. A primitive type of tree with very long leaves of which hats or mats can be woven. Pandanus is characteristic for the coast vegetation in Indonesia.